To ensure the safety of our community during a pandemic The Summer Camp will follow all CDC, State, and Local Board of Health guidelines. For the summer camp season, the following highlighted modifications will be in place.

  • Disinfecting of physical spaces and equipment: Designated staff will be responsible for regularly cleaning throughout the day of high contact surface areas. All campers will be required to bring their own equipment and no demo racquets will be allowed and no shared equipment allowed.
  • Outdoors – All tennis activities will take place outdoors unless raining.
  • Face masks – We are supportive of campers and staff who choose to wear masks. Extra gloves and masks will be available in each cohort, with the nurse and both first aid kits.
  • Indoors – We will only be indoors when raining and will be at the Gordon Field House, the size of three full-size basketball courts. All campers and staff will be required to wear masks while indoors until further notice.

Staff will open all windows, keep the air conditioning on and run all filtration systems.

  • Handwashing – Campers and staff will be encouraged to wash and/or use hand sanitizer frequently throughout the day. Reminder signs will be posted around campus.
  • Staff Training – Staff will be oriented on how to support and maintain proper procedures for hand hygiene, maintaining physical distancing, recognizing symptoms of illness, proper use of sanitizers and disinfectants.
  • Signs – Signs will be posted to encourage one-way traffic, social distancing, and frequent hand washing.


Identifying and Evaluating an individual (camper and/or staff person) who show signs of COVID-19 symptoms

  • In the event an individual feels ill or shows symptoms of illness they will be brought to the Camp Nurse for further evaluation; a designated isolation room will be made available if needed.
  • The Nurse will contact the symptomatic individual’s parents or emergency contact to arrange for pick up. Siblings of a symptomatic person may also need further evaluation.
  • In the event any person has been confirmed with COVID-19, the individual may not return to camp without a negative test, be symptom free, and receive a medical clearance from their physician. Additionally, others identified as a close contact, will be notified of possible exposure and advised on quarantine timelines and returning requirements.
  • Individuals who have been identified as a close contact to COVID-19, outside of camp or in their household, will also be required to follow current state guidelines and to self quarantine.
  • The Local Health Department will be notified of any confirmed COVID-19 cases at camp. The camp will follow all CDC steps with regards to classroom closures and disinfecting procedures.
  • Information, as needed, will be communicated to parents. No personal information will be shared.
  • The camp has support staff available to cover for a staff member needing to be out and/or to quarantine.

Please direct any COVID concerns to

Shelly Mars, Camp Director


[email protected]