Playing helps you retain your game,
taking lessons helps improve it!

The Brookline Tennis Academy Philosophy:

The development and success of any program is the culmination of many variables.  Although learning is an ongoing process, we have created a foundation that works at all levels, ages and aspirations.  I have a coaching team I am very proud of a family that includes USPTA/USPTR certified pros, college coaches, NCAA Top level D3 players, who all understand the game and care greatly about sharing what they know and have learned in a friendly and caring environment.

Shelly’s Mission Statement:

Shelly’s players are nurtured, their talents encouraged, their weaknesses worked on and their spirits inspired!  The result: learning and fun are assured!  I can promise you that we as coaches will continue to build and improve our abilities by continuing to take the most current up to date tennis workshops and to stay current with new ways to play and teach.  My 3 basic principles for every lesson or day at camp have always been and will continue to be the combination of:  knowledge, exercise and FUN!

P.S.  We train our juniors and adults with the same principles and drills!