Frequently Asked Questions

What is your makeup/cancellation policy?

A: All students need to register and pay prior to the first lesson to be confirmed. For Group lessons: You can attend a makeup lesson for group lessons-check the website for available classes based on what you are registered for and attends a comparable class.  Pick the day and time that works for you.  You can also check in with the coach who teaches your class about makeup classes.

Do you offer private or semi-private lessons?

A: Yes, go to the private lessons page. There is a 48-hour cancellation policy for private and semi-private lessons.  If not canceled within 48 hours you will lose the lesson and no makeup will be offered.

Do you offer tennis lessons during the winter/do you have indoor tennis courts?

A: We do not have indoor tennis courts. Our tennis program is seasonal, meaning we offer lessons late April through the end of October.

November 1-March 31st, Platform (Paddle) Tennis is offered at Pine Manor College. Platform tennis is a game played by tennis players during the winter months. It’s lots of fun and improves one’s tennis game.

Do you know of any indoor tennis courts?

A: Yes, your best options are:

Dedham Athletic Club

Natick Racquet Club

Sportsman’s Tennis Club

When should I sign up for lessons/summer camp? Do lessons and camp fill up quickly?

A: We would recommend signing up as early as possible because classes and camp fill up quickly. Weekends also fill up very quickly for private and group lessons during the spring and fall.

How many children are in a group/clinic?

A: It depends on the age and level.

Younger kids, ages 4-6 yrs are usually in groups with 4 and no more than 6 people.

We try to keep the younger kids at 1:4 (coach to player ratio), but it depends on the day and time signed up for. The coach to player ratio will never be more than 1:6.

Ages 7-10 yrs, there are 6 maximum players per group.

Ages 11-16, or kids that have played before (intermediate level) there are 10 kids per coach. These groups can do more fun game based play.

Sometimes we get kids ages 11-16 that need more technique work and will put these kids with a separate coach to work on technique skills in order to get them up to speed.

How many adults are in a group/ clinic?

A: Beginner adults, 4-6 students

Advanced Beginner, 6 students

Intermediate, up to 10 students, lots of cardio drills and game based play. Not much technique work.

Do I bring a racket and/or how should I choose a racquet?

A: For a child’s first lesson, if he/she has a junior racket, they should bring it. OR he/ she can borrow one of ours and will advise you regarding what size junior racket to buy.

You need to bring your own racket after the first class. The first racquet you purchase should be inexpensive, less than $70 for an adult racquet and less than $30 for a junior racquet. We will evaluate your ability to handle a racquets size, weight, and stiffness based on you/ your child’s size, strength, and stroke tendencies. Adult racquets should be 27” or longer and come in various grip sizes. The most commonly sold one is 4 ⅜ or also know as number 3. Junior racquet lengths are 21”, 23”, 25”, and 26”.

What happens in the event of rain or poor weather?

A: See rain policy on the bottom of the home page.

Can I enroll in a series of classes already in session?

A: Yes, you are going to need to contact Shelly by email ( telling her what class you are interested in joining and the amount due will be prorated based on the number of classes left.

Can I get a discounted rate for a second or third family member in a summer camp session?

A: There is a discount available for full-day Summer Camp sessions (9am-3pm) and the discount is 50.00 per child. Please contact Shelly at for more information regarding sibling discounts.

What do I need to bring to my tennis session or camp?

A: Please dress in comfortable athletic clothing and tennis court shoes, have a water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. We have extra rackets for adults and kids if you don’t have one.

What happens if I’m late or unable to attend a class I’ve registered for?

A: It is better to come late than not at all, and if you know you’ll miss your class, please try to let Shelly know 48 hours in advance. You can attend a makeup class if you miss class. Check website for available classes based on what you’ve registered for and attend a comparable class.